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Your one stop shop for team and corporate needs. Our warehouse is located in Salem, New Hampshire, and we service organizations all throughout New England. Our staff views working with teams and organizations as a partnership. You let us know what you want and we will build it for you. We specialize in embroidery and printing. We are also able to personalize specialty items, including pens, mugs, cups, drawstrings, and sunglasses. Give us a call, or request a quote for more information! Contact us today


TSR is able to service local organizations with custom fittings and team stores.

Custom Fittings: TSR is able to stop by and fit your organization. Fittings will help players and parents ensure that they are ordering proper sizes, while looking at products currently available. 

Building a Team Store: TSR can assist your team with the creation of an Order My Gear (OMG) page. This allows all members of the team to place individual orders on a given web page. Therefore, you don't have to worry about collecting payments, checking sizes, or any paperwork. TSR can handle the entire OMG process for your team, for no cost. Click here to see what your OMG store could look like.


TSR can help with all of your corporate apparel needs. This is a great way to build pride with your employees, and customers alike. We work with numerous brands to offer a variety of price and product options. We understand that there are several apparel offerings, but our flyers below give a good, better, and best scenario.

We work with all different sized companies. Whether you need 6 staff jackets, or 100 polo’s for customers, we can meet any of your needs.

Similarly to our team OMG store, TSR offers online stores for all corporate accounts as well. This makes it easy for a large group of employees or customers to order apparel. We can create an online store with the specific apparel that your company or event is offering, and each individual can place an order. This is a very easy way to organize a large company or gathering. Click here to see what your OMG store could look like.  ​


TSR can also help to prepare for an upcoming event. If you need 48 t-shirts for a meeting, or 18 hats for a gathering with friends, we are able to help create a successful night.

Here are a few examples of group that we work with:

  • Golf Outings

  • Charity Events

  • Parties/Reunions


Dave Boucher and Brendan Sheehy Jr. founded Total Sports Repair in 1999. We began working in an 700 square foot pro shop in Lawrence, MA. Our initial specializations were equipment repair, and hockey product sales. Our current retail store is located at 5 Kelly Road in Salem, NH. 

In 2016, we made the decision to expand our infrastructure behind the TSR Team Division. We moved all team operations to our current warehouse, located at 34 Pelham Road in Salem, NH. In addition to this move, we have invested in completing all embroidery and embellishment services in house. We are able to offer team and corporate customers a one-stop solution for all apparel and equipment needs.

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